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Specialised waste services, Australia

Ecofeet provide specialised waste services with a national capability, and can service all locations and all states.  We are committed to servicing local government and contractor transfer stations and consolidation points.    We have contractors in every state, and if we don’t have one in your area, we will train a local to Ecofeet’s high standard of service and OHSE, to provide you with service.

Our services:

  • Refrigerant recovery –  This is where we started – We know refrigerant recovery better than anyone else in the industry.  Vehicles, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, and everything else that carries refrigerant.  We also have a refurbishment program for fridges and freezers which sees appliances reused as opposed to scrapped.
  • Gas cylinder recycling – All types of hazardous cylinders including LPG tanks, vehicle LPG tanks, Helium, nitrogen, and oxygen bottles as well as fire extinguishers.
  • Mattress recycling –  On site disassembly leaving you with the steel and timber.  Fabrics and foams are removed for recycling into underlay.   We also offer a service to remove foam and fabric for recycling where you are disassembling on site already.
  • Free Mobile phone recycling – All mobile phones are removed from site for appropriate recycling through the Mobile Muster program
  • Free Household battery recycling – All quantities of household batteries removed free of charge through Sustainability Victoria’s Batteryback program
  • Free Fluorescent lamp recycling – Up to 5kg removed free of charge when combined with other services.  Around 25 fluorescent tubes or 50 CFL’s   Greater amounts incur a charge.
  • Other services – If you require any other specialised waste services please get in touch and we will look into providing it.


We are committed to providing best practice and affordable specialised waste services for Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, ACT, and Queensland.